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What’s New in Kenya – 2023 Unravelled

What's the Fanta -Mystery Fanta - Apple Pie Flavour

2023, brought some changes to the industry with different industry players shaking up the industry with new products, redesign of products and even making magical experiences for all. For us at Epepea, we are at the fore-front of ensuring your work is to Just Relax and know about what is happening as well as make your online shopping through the app a breeze by being able to recognize all the new products in the market easily.


This brand, came with a bang, when they said 2023 was their year, they sure did mean it. Previously or what we have known Royco for traditionally, was only for the cubes and the mchuzi mix which they enhanced by bringing it in different flavours. However, in 2023, they introduced a wide spice range collection from the common ginger spice and curry spices to unique flavours such as nyama choma flavour. Here is a list of all their new spice flavours that you need to know about: Paprika, Ginger, Curry Spice, Spice for Wet and Dry Fry, Garlic, Tumeric, Black Pepper, Cardamon and Cinnamon. The good thing is you can shop for all the new royco flavours directly on the app and have them delivered to you.

Royco Spices


This has been a household name for many years and they never stop re-inventing themselves. From the time when they could inspire us to grow and become tall kids using their advertisements to date when they keep on releasing new products. You have to say, they really do their work in ensuring they are the top of the consumer’s mind at all times. They previously introduced the new blueband peanut butter into the market as well as the blueband instant porridge which were well received in the market. Towards, the end of last year, with the consumer in mind, they did another re-invention and brought to us, the new Blue band Choco. If you are wondering what this is, well it is blueband but with chocolate flavour. This is great for those with a sweet tooth and for parents, an item you need to get your children to enjoy as part of their breakfast spread. You can get this directly from the app and have it delivered to wherever you are.

Blueband Choco


End of 2022 and early 2023, Fanta did make sure we got to have a bottle of blue coloured Fanta at hand. Always picking our curiousity despite knowing curiosity killed the cat, we all got to try the blue Fanta. Then yet again, in 2023, they aroused our curiosity with the new purple-coloured Fanta. You had to have had a Fanta in 2023 with all the curiosity around. Well, for the purple-coloured one, it might make a full-swing into the market, however it is yet to be confirmed. However, by end of 2023, they answered our curious question What’s the Fanta and it was Apple Pie. Despite this now being a common dessert in Kenya, the flavour itself got mixed reactions, however, time will tell, whether it will come into the Kenyan market full swing or not. But when it does, be sure, Epepea, will be at the front-line, in ensuring you can have it as part of your shopping when you shop directly from the app. This here, is your call to download the App and be in the know.

What's the Fanta -Mystery Fanta - Apple Pie Flavour

Aside from those 3, there were many more brands shaking the industry for example, Hanaan Tissue which rebranded their tissue packaging as well as Keringet which rebranded their bottle packaging and the unveiling of the new Minute Maid Tetra Pak among other brands. Stay in the know, with what is happening currently in the Kenyan market, right here on Epepea.

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