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The Power of Vision Boards in Your Life

Have you ever wondered what to celebrate at the end of the year? Or sometimes look at the accomplishment of other people and wonder how comes everyone else has millions of accomplishments yet you only have 1 or 2 accomplishments after 365 days?

Well, this year, you can change that by beginning today, through the creation of a vision board. Imagine having a visual representation of your dreams and aspirations, a daily reminder of your goals, and a source of motivation that propels you forward. Vision boards are a powerful tool for manifesting your desires, clarifying your goals, and transforming your dreams into reality.

The Importance of a Vision Board is to help turn dreams into a reality. Some benefits are:

1. It clarifies your goals and gives you a road map of where you are headed too.

2. Boosts your motivation. Truth be told, there are moments when we feel like giving up when we are not seeing the fruits of our labour. However, having something that you can look up to every time you feel demotivated helps. You are able to remember the WHY of your hardwork and gives you the energy to keep going on.

3. Enhances Focus and Concentration and helps you stay on your goal. Have you ever started a new thing, but mid-way gets to something else and forget, what you were doing? The beauty of a vision board is that it shows you exactly where you are going and what you need to set your eyes on at all times, without gearing away from your lane. It is very easy to get consumed with the milestones of others and easily change lanes without realizing, that everyone has their path.

4. It encourages action and the spirit of doing. You are able to take steps towards your goal and make them into concrete plans.

5. Manifestation, if you believe in the power of manifestation, a vision board is the right tool for that. Write it up and see it manifest to life. The law of attraction helps to attract positivity in your life.

Dare to Dream

How To Create Your Vision Board

1.Define Your Goals

Begin by first reflecting on what you want and define the goals you would like to achieve. You can divide them into long term and short-term goals.

2. Categorize the Goals

The best way to achieve your goals, is by categorizing. You can categorize them into Family, Career, Health & Fitness, Spiritual, Relationship and Education Goals. Add the goals to their respective categories.

3. Find Visual Inspiration

One of the important bits of creating a vision board is setting clear your desire. Get visual inspiration of what it is you desire. For example, if it is that weight loss you desire, you can get a picture of someone you would like to look like. If it is a desire to transform your house, get onto the Epepea app and shop from different stores such as: Kitchen Items from Kitchenwareshiznit Collection or Unique Kitchenware or Candy Kitchenware, Bedroom items and Accompanying Accessories from Samara H&H to get inspiration on throw pillows, bedsheets and cushion covers for your house to see the exact item you would like to purchase and have as part of your house transformation. If you are a bride, you can check out Brides and Beyond on the Epepea app, and see the ideal wedding dress and accessories you would like to have for your wedding.

Take a photo of each item and set it aside. You can either print out or use them in the digital format.

4. Organize and Arrange

As you did categorize your goals into different sections, then for each section and the goal, place the photos or visual inspirations next to the goal in a section. Organizing them, helps bring out a clearer picture of your final target.

5. Display Your Vision Board

This is where to make it come alive. You can either do it the manual way, by using a cardboard or a book, drawing a table and breaking it into sections. Adding the goals and then placing the cutout or printed photos on the cardboard or book. Then place it in your office or bedroom to remind you of your target and give you the extra motivation you need.

Similar, to how you would cut out pages from newspapers of celebrities back in the day in high school and place them on your book or music lyrics cut outs. The only difference, this time is you are making a future for yourself and visualizing yourself at the end of the year.

You can also do it digitally, through the help of Canva, where you can get templates and do the same process as the manual process, with the only difference being everything is in the digital format. You can then place your vision board as the wallpaper on your laptop or phone and see it each day to remind you of your target and to reflect on it daily.

Creating a vision board is not just an arts and crafts project; it’s a powerful practice that can shape the trajectory of your life. By visualizing your goals and aspirations daily, you align your mindset with success, inviting positive change into your life.

Make your tomorrow great by starting today. Create your vision board journey and watch as your dreams unfold before your eyes. A future we all desire driven by purpose and passion to realize our desires and dreams.

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